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  • July 10, 2023 1 min read

    Women's Health: Own Your Morning

    It’s a lifestyle…. Women's Health Magazine featuring our founder Paige Mycoskie and her morning routine. She shares some of her favorite products and how she balances her day.

    Paige Mycoskie, Aviator Nation founder and artist.

    I love mornings - I wake up feeling excited about the day. My dogs, Tristan (a golden retriever) and Jagger (a golden mountain mix), are my alarm. They usually start hovering around me around 7 a.m., so I get up and feed them first thing. Next, I drink a huge glass of water with lemon, no ice. Then I make a large coffee, mixed with Bulltetproof mCT oil and organic unsalted butter. I do intermittent fasting so typically don't eat a meal for breakfast. After coffee, it's time to work out. I have to start the day with an activity, which during the week is usually a spin class or a hike with the dogs. Then it's time for a shower and skin care. On my face, I use Image Skincare vitamin C anti-aging serum and Indie Lee sunscreen. Before I jump into work, I make time to journal. Writing helps me flesh out ideas and hold myself accountable. I jot down things I want to accomplish. After that, I'm at my desk working on new designs or running the company.

    Paige Mycoskie in Women's Health

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