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  • May 22, 2015 1 min read

    Aviator Nation surfboards have been a long time coming. They encompass an epic part of the 1970's laid-back  California lifestyle, and have been a passion project of our founder, Paige for the past ten years. Finally, her dream of creating the perfect Rainbow riding machine, has come to fruition.  

    Over the last several months, Paige has been working closely with legendary Santa Barbara shaper, Bruce Fowler and iconic glass man, Bob Haakenson to develop the first Aviator Nation Surfboard. 

    Yesterday, she spent the day with glasserman, Bob "Hawk", fine tuning the color work and learning the process of airbrushing. Pretty rad that the same guy who glassed for legendary Shaun Thompson (during his world title years) will be painting the Aviator Nation Surfboards. 

    We are super excited to announce that these amazing boards will be available in stores spring 2016. 

    For more updates on the collection, make sure to follow: 

    @Aviatornationsurfboards & @aviatornation!


    Photos: Jobi Manson

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