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  • July 10, 2023 2 min read

    LaMag: Say Hello to the Night: L.A.’s Top Spots to Drink, Dance and Rock This Summer

    By: Lina Lecaro

    By nature, nightlife is always changing. Hot spots cool off, “scenes” change, and club-hoppers are always looking for the next thing they haven’t experienced yet. With the exception of neighborhood dive bars, a few landmark music venues, and a handful of seasoned party promoters who’ve cracked the longevity code (by evolving with entertainment tastes and hospitality trends), Los Angeles thrives on novel ideas and new environments.

    Part of the winning formula in 2023 is about catering to specific tastes, communities, and niches, and in a city as diverse as L.A., there are many types and tribes to attract. This is more important than ever after the bleakness and boredom we all endured during COVID-19 lockdowns. We want to connect, forget about our troubles, and celebrate life again. We want to be thrilled, entertained, and welcomed, to share space with like-minded folk who feel the same. From high-profile luxe lounges to low-key hidden havens; DJ-driven, live performance-fueled, gay, straight, nouveau, retro, wild, or unwound—L.A. after dark really does have it all if you know where to look. Here’s where to do so right now.

    L.A. singer-songwriter Teddy Grossman sharpens his axe at Malibu’s beachy Dreamland, where Diplo and Imagine Dragons have been known to play a song or two. (Photo: Jose Quintanilla)

    Dreamland Fashion designer and mental health advocate Paige Mycoskie revived the venue formerly known as the Malibu Inn and turned it into a lively music venue called Dreamland. With food, drink, and local bands and musicians, it touts high-quality sound and rustic surroundings that reflect its beachy locale. Its stage has seen the likes of Diplo, Imagine Dragons, and Neon Trees. Mycoskie’s popular upscale-casual Aviator Nation clothing brand also hosts philanthropic meetups. 22969 Pacific Coast Hwy., Malibu

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