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  • March 13, 2023 5 min read

    Forbes: Palm Tree Crew Host Music Festival With Don Julio In Aspen

    By: Cassell Ferere

    The fashion capsule and lifestyle brand Palm Tree Crew recently hosted the Palm Tree Music Festival in collaboration with the ubiquitous tequila label Don Julio Primavera in Aspen on Friday, February 24, and Saturday, February 25. Palm Tree Crew (PTC) has been building out its audience of party-goers, lifestyle aficionados, and streetwear consumers who want a piece of nostalgia from the PTC label with collaborations, and the weekend in Aspen gave new meaning.

    The Palm Tree Crew has collaborated with fashion brands, bringing the party vibe to clothing designed for moments. They have capsule collections with sportswear line Puma, leisure brand Duvin, and the most recent with Siegelman Stable, a homage to Kygo, co-founder of PTC, and Max Siegelman, who both have roots in Norway.

    “Max is a cool guy. I feel like we always send each other things that we like and things that we want to collaborate on. In general, we love Max,” Kygo's manager, Myles Shears, casually mentions.

    The collaboration with Don Julio Primavera pushes the brand further into the lifestyle genre of music culture. Palm Tree Crew brings a dedicated fan base willing to travel to support festival culture and emerging and established artists.

    After a 20-hour flight from Norway, Kygo landed in the Aspen mountains, bringing the heat to a crowd of ski-loving fans and influencers alike. Launching the festival and brand in the Hamptons three years ago, Kygo and his PTC co-founder and manager Myles Shear have cultivated activations for party-goers in love with music and jet setters in love with leisure moments.

    The Palm Tree Music Festival popped up at Rio Grande Park in Aspen, CO, for the first-ever winter festival, offering a taste of the PTC signature tropical lifestyle and allure to the ski haven town. Kygo speaks to the origins of the Palm Tree festival, reflecting on how he has been “going around and throwing this festival in different cities around the world.”

    “I've been playing a couple of shows here in Aspen. Previously, we thought, ‘why not Aspen's?’ A great place! Obviously, it's not tropical, but with [Palm Tree Crew] I feel like it's cool to bring it to Aspen. It's a good crowd here!”

    The two-day outdoor festival blended a one-of-a-kind, luxurious experience with the heat of summer nostalgia against the snowy backdrop and peaks of Aspen, CO. Fans came in from around the world to celebrate EDM DJs and live musical talent. Jack White, formerly of The White Stripes bands, headlined the Friday night stage.

    That night featured electric performances from Cannons and a special DJ set from Gryffin. Saturday night, the Palm Tree Crew co-founder Kygo headlined the event. Additional performances and sets by Forester and King Princess carried the evening.

    “I think it's something Aspen needed. These people love music. They go to ‘Belly Up,’” which is a 450-capacity night club specializing in live music in Aspen. “It’s sold out all winter, basically. People love music here - so why not just bring a big festival?”

    For the festival spirit, merchandise from Palm Tree Crew was provided on-site by California lifestyle brand Aviator Nation to create exclusive collaborative merchandise for this festival’s nostalgic moment. Items include AV standard, cozy matching sweat suits, trucker hats, and beanies in multiple colorways.

    Paige Mycoskie, the founder of Aviator Nation, happens to be a fan of Kygo, furthering the organic connection to the PTC audience. Myles Shear says of Mycoskie, “she's built an amazing business, and the fact that she's also a huge fan of [Kygo]. To do the festival merch and get behind [Kygo], does get cool. That's the vibe. Collaborating with people that are taking brands to the next level.”

    Aspen is a walkable town nestled in the mountains bringing a New York esque with its accessible luxury and streetwear stores. Retail brands like Kith, and Chrome Hearts, are only steps from several sporting goods stores specializing in ski and snowboarding gear. Aviator Nation has an intrinsic niche in the mountainous town, finding a cold climate home in Aspen, away from the sunny side of California.

    “I feel like the ‘Palm Tree’ crew are [Kygo] fans, and it's people that we've made friends with over the years, coming to shows, coming backstage,” Shear describes. “We built friendships when [Kygo] plays a private show or he plays a festival. It's our crew! it's our family.”

    “Wherever we go, wherever we decide to do a festival or a show, even when at his own show, there they are - that's our family. We wanted to come up with a name to bring everybody together and make them feel included. The industry is always growing, and fans are finding new ways to connect.”

    “Kygo’s fans to go to the next level with him, and he makes them really feel a part of the journey, versus just showing up,” explains Shear of Kygo’s dedicated fanbase. “It's like, ‘No! You're part of the crew! Welcome.”

    Don Julio Primavera partnered with the Palm Tree Music Festival to celebrate with an exclusive bar experience that featured the festival’s signature cocktails, the Palmavera, and a cozy Hot Toddy beverage. Influencers and VIPs attended to consume the premium tequila, including Lance Armstrong, Amanda McCants, Helen Owen, Zachary Kalter, Vale Genta, Benjamin Edelstein, Whitney Fransway, and Kristina Schulman. Don Julio Primavera is blending with the Palm Tree Crew and the Aspen vibe of young entrepreneurs and creatives. The Palm Tree Music Festival invites the energy and flavor of Mexico [a place like Tulum] and tequila.

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