DEUXMOI: Profile // Paige Mycoskie of Aviator Nation

March 28, 2013

DEUXMOI: Profile // Paige Mycoskie of Aviator Nation


we totally want to be friends with paige mycoskie. not only is she a rad gal, but she created a really badass mens, womens and childrens clothing line called aviator nation (named after paige’s love for aviator sunglasses). paige’s obsession with the look and feel of vintage tees lead to the birth of aviator nation after mucho research and inspection into how t-shirts and sweatpants were produced in the past. paige studied screen printing, inks, and techniques used in the 60’s and 70’s, so that aviator nation would authentically represent the look and feel of vintage garb…we love her commitment (and her hair). if you have not checked out aviator nation yet, then get on it! not only will you feel like a super cool sufer ‘brah’ or gal wearing this gear, you’ll be clothing yourself in the softest/already broken-in hoodies, sweatpants and tees with dope retro designs…that’s next level comfortable. aviator nation’s flagship store is in californnia but you can score their gear at learn more about paige below by checking out her favorites…

1.  unisex pullover hoodie “little hand says it’s time to rock and roll”
2.  men’s surf tee “100% pure adrenaline!”
3.  open back pray for surf tee “the correct term is babes, sir”
4.  womens bolt sweatpants “your sayin’ the fbi’s gonna pay me to learn to surf?”
5.  unisex signature hoodie “surfing’s the source man…swear to god”
6.  logo vneck “vaya con dios, brah”
7.  mens california sweatpants “they only live to get radical”
8.  mens locals only tank “welcome to sea world, kid”
9.  vintage wool beanie “i caught my first tube today…sir”
10.  unisex chevron hoodie “if you want the ultimate, you’ve got to be willing to pay the ultimate price. it’s not tragic to die doing what you love”


paige’s favorites:

men and women’s hoodie or sweatshirt in aviator nation’s collection:

i love the signature Aviator Nation pullover hoodie and the sunburst.
men and women’s top in aviator nation’s collection:
i love our 3 button henley shirts and the logo v-neck in heather grey too.
men and women’s bottom in aviator nation’s collection:
my favorite sweatpants personally are the Aviator Nation sweatpants with the circle logo on the hip and Aviator Nation rainbow letters down the leg. i wear them almost every day…haha. i actually have about 10 pairs of charcoal ones all in different sizes depending on what mood i am in. sometimes i wear them baggy and sometimes more fitted. they are my fave for sure! for men i really love the bolt pants i make. they are simple and cool and the guys love them too!
vintage t-shirt in your collection:
geez, that’s a really tough one. i have a lot of favorites. one of my “who” tour shirts comes to mind first. it is a baseball style concert tee and has an awesome rainbow on the front.
place to shop for vintage:
there are a lot of great ones on melrose i try to hit regularly. i also love shopping at american rag. they have a great “vintage tee” selection.
vintage item to shop for:
concert tees for sure!
thrift store:
“thrift town” in arlington, texas where i grew up. this is the one that got me started so i have to do a shout out to them.
sunglasses brand:
i love vintage rayban aviators and the new stuff TOMS is doing is pretty rad too!
beach in the world to surf:
ninja’s in the maldives.
clothing designers:
i would be lying if i said i didn’t wear Aviator Nation everyday because i do BUT because we don’t make jeans yet, i have to go with rag and bone, rock star sushi and jet jeans. i’m a jeans and tee shirt girl!
shoe designer:
golden goose cowboy boots.
sneaker brand:
vans! i own the checkered slip-ons in every color! they are super comfortable, no laces to deal with and great traction for skateboarding around town.
places to shop for clothes:
i don’t shop for clothes that are not vintage very often but when i do i usually head over to fred segal santa monica because they have a variety of boutiques in one place! i love that fred segal take chances on new designers too so it makes the shopping experience and findings more unique!

bravado 2 by baxter of california.

beauty products:
moroccan oil “curl” serum is the best hair product EVER.

hair salon:
juan jaun brentwood is where i go! great customer service and they get me in and out quick! i hate spending 3 hours in a salon!

favorite accessory:
my gold shark tooth necklace. i never take it off.

vacation spot:
kauai is my favorite place on earth! i love that it’s an easy flight from la but super exotic and removed at the same time. i always feel like i am going back in time when i spend a week there.

i love boutique hotels when i travel. one of my favorites is the bowery in nyc.

giogio baldi in santa monica and ado in venice are neck and neck. i love good italian food!

kombucha! loaded with antioxidants and a great alternative to coffee! keeps me going all day!

i love and

GQ for sure! they support my brand so much and all the guys that work over there are AWESOME. i also love to see what’s new in “wired” since i’m a bit of a tech geek.

recently i picked up a “jump start box” from home depot and the thing is amazing. no matter how dead your car is it will bring it to life. i have a lot of “old toys” that need jump starting so this thing comes in handy A LOT!

“volcano”. this candle makes the entire house smell amazing and it lasts forever! we sell them in out stores because i love them so much!

weekly splurge:
flea market sundays! one of my favorite parts of living in la!

workout spot:
equinox. mostly because they have an awesome steam room where i get to decompress every morning before the games begin.

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