July 18, 2017

By: David Meyer // ASPENPEAK 

Aviator Nation, a sporty/retro clothing line with roots in both surfing and skiing, matriculates not from Brooklyn, but from its West Coast sister, Venice Beach. The brand’s signature motif of bold, bright stripes decorates the store both inside and out. The upstairs has been turned into a comfy lounge (a welcome reprieve in a retail landscape where each last inch must always sell, sell, sell!) There’s a pool table, ‘70s-era sofas, a terrace, and vintage Aspen ski posters including the infamous Lange, “Soft Inside” campaign.

“Soft Inside” wouldn’t be a bad tagline for Aviator’s scrumptiously soft, hand-stitched clothing. And while one would assume that ‘70s graphic design was the designer’s main inspiration it was actually ‘70s music.

“Music is a huge part of my life,” explains founder Paige Mycoskie. “That era in particular inspired a lot of the color combinations, a lot of the brand.” The ‘70s, in addition to being the golden age of rock ‘n roll, was also the last age before the computer would digitize our world forever. Who knew we would miss that analogue life so much?

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Please note that due to the intense wash and dye processes we use some products  will come out different than others. If you ever get a item that does not fit you perfectly we will gladly exchange it for you as many times as it takes until you are satisfied.
Hoodies and Crewneck Sweatshirts
Aviator Nation hoodies and sweatshirts are unisex. Yes, this means you can steal your boyfriend's hoodie and never think twice about rocking it. It also means that our sizing is unique. In general our hoodies run a bit small for men and a bit big for women.

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