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GQ: The Complete GQ for Gap Best New Menswear Designers in America 2013 Collection


Photos: Peggy Siorta

Aviator Nation

Founded: 2006 by Paige Mycoskie

Provenance: Venice Beach, CA

The vibe: When not riding waves, Paige delivers après-surf staples. Think sweats with iconic Cali graphics and go-to tees that look more sun-filtered than your Instagram does.

Fan base: Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Downey Jr.

My inspiration: "I drew a lot as a little kid—rainbows, mountains, oceans, stripes. When I got older, I used the drawings from my journal as graphics for garments. If it doesn't look like it existed a generation ago, I don't use it."

The difference maker: "I've done test after test of different fabrics, washes, and dyes. I take a lot of risks with washing."

Thanks, Maverick: "When I was a kid, I got some aviator sunglasses after seeing Top Gun. Aviator Nation represents a group of people who are cool without trying too hard."

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